WICHER Andrzej

13 of March 2021
The 11th World Shakespeare Congress will be held online from the National University of Singapore on July 18–24, 2021. The Congress theme of circuits draws attention to the passage of Shakespeare’s work between places and periods, agencies and institutions, positionalities and networks of production, languages and mediums. The theme is particularly suited to the online medium of the Congress, that gathers together such passages of Shakespeare’s work not by the movements of persons between places, but by creatively connecting and expanding our circuits in multimedia and live conversations.
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Moscow University for the Humanities

Andrzej Wicher is a professor in the Institute of English Studies at Łódź University, where he lectures on the history of English literature and theory of literature.

He published a book entitled “Archaeology of the Sublime. Studies in Late-Medieval English Writings” (Katowice, 1995) and another one under the title “Shakespeare's Parting Wondertales — A Study of the Elements of the Tale of Magic in William Shakespeare's Late Plays” (Łódź, 2003).

He also published a volume of Polish translations of Middle English literary works, including “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” and “Pearl”. His new book entitled “Selected Medieval and Religious Themes in the Works of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien” is forthcoming.

Prof. Andrzej Wicher took part in many international conferences; he is a member of the International Shakespeare Association, PASE (Polish Association for the Study of English), and the Scientific Society in Łódź. He has so far published 3 books, and 65 scholarly articles and essays, seven of which appeared outside Poland. Besides, he took part in various academic exchange schemes and was a visiting lecturer at a number of British universities. Prof. Andrzej Wicher’s professional interests include medieval and Renaissance studies, cultural studies, and modern fantasy literature, with a special emphasis on the presence of folktale motifs in works of literature.