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The 11th World Shakespeare Congress will be held online from the National University of Singapore on July 18–24, 2021. The Congress theme of circuits draws attention to the passage of Shakespeare’s work between places and periods, agencies and institutions, positionalities and networks of production, languages and mediums. The theme is particularly suited to the online medium of the Congress, that gathers together such passages of Shakespeare’s work not by the movements of persons between places, but by creatively connecting and expanding our circuits in multimedia and live conversations.
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Rylands George Humphrey Wolferstan
George Humphrey Wolferstan Rylands

George Humphrey Wolferstan Rylands [23.10.1902, Tocklington, Gloucestershire — 16.01.1999, Cambridge] was an English literary critic, scholar, dramatist also known as Dadie.

He acquired education at Eton being the King's Scholar. As early as in the school, he directed productions of Twelfth Night and A Winter’s Tale.

He was working at King’s College in Cambridge for many years. In 1928 his dissertation Words and Poetry was published.

As a director, he staged many productions of Shakespeare’s plays for the Marlowe Dramatic Society from 1929 till the 1960s that had a large impact on the speaking of Shakespearian verse in English theatre. In 1957–1965 he was working on recording of the complete works of W. Shakespeare for the British Council. In particular, actor Sir John Gielgud used his anthology of passages from Shakespeare, The Ages of Man (1939), for his successful one-man reading.

G. Rylands was a Chairman of the Cambridge Arts Theatre as well as a governor of the Old Vic for many years.

In addition, he was the author of a British Academy Lecture Shakespeare’s Poetic Energy, presented in 1951.


  • Commander of the British Empire for services to Shakespearian studies (1961)
  • Honorary D. Litt. of the University of Cambridge (1976)
  • Companion of Honour (1987)

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